Gellyball Blast

Opening 20th July

Embark on an exhilarating adventure unlike any other at Gellyball Blast, the ultimate fusion of laser tag and paintball! Perfect for thrill-seekers aged nine and above, this action-packed experience awaits you in the heart of the Jolly Roger Theatre. 

4 credits
Aged 9+
Family friendly
Funcard accepted!
Step into the Arena and Unleash the Fun!
Gear Up for Battle!

Step into our specially designed inflatable battleground, where excitement knows no bounds. Armed with state-of-the-art guns firing soft gel balls, don your protective gear and prepare for action-packed mayhem. Engage in thrilling skirmishes against friends and family, navigating through our electrifying arena with special effects lighting and a dynamic electronic scoreboard.  

One of a Kind Experience!
Join the Elite Few!

With only three locations in England offering this exhilarating attraction, Clacton Pier proudly stands among the elite. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of combat entertainment! 

Unforgettable Adventures Await
The Perfect Party Add-On!

Make your next celebration truly unforgettable! Consider incorporating Gellyball Blast into your next children’s or adults’ party. Contact for booking details and turn your event into an epic adventure! 

Ready to Battle? 
Gather your squad and prepare for an epic showdown at Gellyball Blast, only at Clacton Pier. We offer five-minute adrenaline rushes for just £4 (four credits on a funcard) per game. 

Don’t miss out on the ultimate battle experience! We’ll see you on the battlefield! 

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