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Deck Services Team Member  is responsible for public areas to be always clean and tidy for our guests. This team member is responsible for cleanliness before , during and after opening hours.

Main  Responsibilities: 

·      Maintaining cleanliness standards throughout the whole attraction indoor and outdoor including looking after plants and potted trees

·      Using jetwash and other cleaning equipment

·      Work to maintain a safe environment at all times

·      Dusting, sweeping , vacuuming and mopping surfaces in the mix of facilities including  customer areas , washrooms , workshops , vehicles and more

·      Refilling and restocking cleaning supplies

·      Carrying maintenance tasks such as replacing toilet seats , unclogging sinks or toilets

·      Conducting monthly disinfection

·      Taking out waste  and emptying large bins round the premises

·      Reporting any faults found in the equipment or buildings

·      Accepting and of loading deliveries

·      Heavy lifting required

·      Using operational apps to record checks and monitor activity within the department.

·      Ensure that all Policies and Procedures are followed in relation to Assignment Instructions.

·      Handle all day to day enquiries which arise from whatever source in respect of the daily safe operation

·      Develop and maintain good working relations with client management teams, external delivery teams ,visitors and contractors to the site.

·      Carry out any other reasonable request from Operations Team,

·      Protect company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment

·      Patrol randomly and regularly – all areas for smoking , alcohol ect

·      Provide a high level of customer service at all times, assist customers with any queries and communicate with the relevant departments if the answer cannot be provided.

·      Assist with staff training

·      Adhere to all company policies and procedures including COSHH

·      Other duties that may arise within the Operational Department.

This role might involve performing duties in multiple locations, locally. 



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