From Number 1 North Sea to Orlando

by Nigel Brown Jan 21 2019 0     1,379
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January 21, 2019

In 2009 the new owners of Clacton Pier sold the last six remaining old dodgem cars and replaced them with a new fleet.

Now a whole decade later, one of those cars has turned up as a display feature in a Ted Baker store in America.

It has been repurposed as a retro table in the store in Orlando, Florida, and was spotted by a friend of Billy and Elliot Ball, who bought the Pier ten years ago.

“I was sent a photo of the car on social media at the weekend and it is easy to identify that it is one of those we offloaded soon after we took over,” said director Billy Ball.

“Although it has been refurbished and undergone some changes the Pier logo, as it was when the Harrison family were the owners before us, is clearly visible on the bonnet.

“It looks really effective in the Ted Baker store and they have made a very special feature of it. It is not something I would have thought of as an alternative use!

“We never expected one of the cars to turn up in a shop in the States when we sold them off all those years ago and it is great to find out it has a new and useful life thousands of miles across the Atlantic.”

Mr Ball said he will be trying to find out how the car made its way there and how long it has been in the store.

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