Wedding couple have photos taken on Pier

by Nigel Brown Nov 06 2018 2     1,129
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November 6, 2018


Married life got off to a bumpy start for a Frinton couple as they staged some of their wedding photos on the dodgems at Clacton Pier.

Josh Thornton and Ellie Huish-Williams held their ceremony at the Kingscliff Hotel in Holland-on-sea on Friday afternoon.

When they were looking for a venue for the evening photos the couple decided to go somewhere that held many happy memories for them.

“We have been together since we were 16 and we have had many great days on the Pier – and still do,” said 23-year-old Josh.

“We are both big kids and love the rides and attractions and it’s where we enjoyed some of our first dates.”

Ellie, also 23, said that it seemed the perfect location.

“The photos were taken at around 6pm and it was dark so we needed somewhere with bright lights - and it was something completely different,” she added.

Bosses at the Pier opened up the dodgems and also arranged for a congratulations message on their large screen at the front of the building.

Director Elliot Ball said the request came from the photographer Christian Davies just a few days before the wedding.

“It meant arranging for the screen message to go on just as they arrived and making sure we had staff on duty to ensure that Josh and Ellie got all the photos they wanted,” he said.

“It’s the first time that we can remember anyone other than a member of staff having wedding photos taken on the Pier and we were pleased to help the newly-weds out.”

The Pier hopes to host weddings in the future as there are plans to revamp the Jolly Roger building into a multi-use venue to stage such functions as well as conferences and sporting events.

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NIGEL BROWN 2 years ago

Hi Lorraine, great to hear that! Keep on loving Clacton Pier - and each other. Hope you come down and see us soon.

Lorraine Cook 2 years ago

My husband and I meet on Clacton pier on 18th October 2015 we got engaged New Year’s Eve and married 24th sept 2016. I’m now 60 hubby 67 so we love Clacton pier (as well as each other)

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