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Arcade at Clacton Pier: Your Fun Headquarters!

Step into a world of excitement where families create lasting memories. From classic penny falls to thrilling shoot ’em ups, our vibrant arcade boasts a variety of games to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Over 200 Games!
Try our skill based games
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Test your skills and win big 
Grab a Prize!

Put your skills to the test on our exciting prize machines! Try your luck on the pusher machines, grab a cuddly friend at the claw machine, or race to the top on the driving games. We have something for everyone!  

Escape the ordinary and discover endless fun
Endless Entertainment, Rain or Shine!

Don’t let the weather dampen your day! The Arcade at Clacton Pier offers the perfect escape for a fun-filled adventure, no matter the forecast. With a variety of games and activities, laughter and excitement are guaranteed.  

The perfect family fun zone
Make Memories that Last!

Create lasting memories with your loved ones at the Arcade. With endless games and activities, our massive arcade offers something for everyone.  

Memories Made @ClactonPier
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