We take pride in sharing the fun with as many guests as possible and will do all we can to welcome everyone, of whatever ability, to join us in making some magic and memories. We understand the importance of accessibility, and we are committed to continually improving and enhancing our services to ensure everyone has an inclusive and enjoyable visit. We know we are not perfect but are working towards that aim.

Good to know…

Clacton Pier is committed to ensuring all guests have a comfortable, enjoyable and safe experience when they visit us. We look forward to welcoming you should you chose to visit us.

The Pier

Clacton Pier is the number 1 visitor attraction on the Sunshine Coast. We are open 364 days of the year and have excellent indoor attractions in comfortable surroundings plus outdoor rides that operate seasonally (check for details). We host spectacular events including firework displays, Oktoberfest and seasonal activities that have included Easter Egg hunts, dinosaurs, Halloween scare fests etc all information available on our website.

We are a very popular attraction and can be extremely busy during peak periods. The environment is exciting and dynamic and we understand that for some guests that could also be challenging – music is played throughout the pier, there are flashing lights and loud noises that you would associate with traditional seaside amusement park.

Getting here

We are located directly on the beautiful seafront and have easy access to beaches from slopes just outside the pier entrance.

There is a drop off point directly in front of the pier entrance.

Our address –
Clacton Pier, No.1, North Sea, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1QX


Clacton Pier does not have a car park however Tendring District Council provides 3 free hours parking in all off street car parks. Blue badge holders are required to display the badge clearly and set clock to time of arrival before leaving the vehicle.

The nearest accessible parking spaces are on Pier Gap – approx. 3. There are dedicated accessible parking bays on Marine Parade a short distance from the pier and other seafront businesses and attractions.

Public car parks with accessible parking bays are also located nearby.

Toilet & changing facilities

There are accessible toilets available at the Pier. These are accessible without the need for a radar keys so from time to time may be used by guests who do not have accessible requirements.

A Changing Places facilities, for people who cannot use traditional disabled toilets and include hoists, height-adjustable changing tables and sinks, and shower facilities too are available at Lower promenade below Marine Parade East, Clacton, close to Beaches Café and West Greensward, Clacton – below Marine Parade West

A key is required to access the facilities, and those wishing to apply for a key can do so on the TDC website here.

Access to the Pier

There is level access to the pier via automatic electric doors.

There are ramps around the inside of the pier giving access to various catering facilities and some activities. More details to follow in the Accessibility Guide (available soon) .

You can journey to the end of the pier via wooden boardwalk for some great fresh air and sea views via level walkways accessed by automatic doors.

The pier is open from 9.30 a.m. however you can check here for times when various attractions and rides on the pier are open as these can change daily.

Rides & attractions Safety

Clacton Pier will do everything possible to ensure its guests have a safe and pleasurable visit. However, certain rides and attractions at our pier are physically demanding and vigorous. We also have to consider guests ability to evacuate rides quickly and safely in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Clacton Pier therefore reserves the right to refuse admission to any ride or attraction should we feel there is an unacceptable risk to your safety or the safety of others should they participate.

Clacton Pier hopes that you understand and accept this statement, which is made in the interests of health and safety. Our staff have been trained to look after our guests and they do so conscientiously. If an operator is worried for your safety he/she will say so and may ask for a second opinion from a supervisor or manager. Please be patient, they will be doing their best to help you to enjoy a happy and safe day. Note: some ride restrictions are set by the manufacturer and therefore we have no discretion in these circumstances.

Clacton Pier understands that in refusing to provide admission to rides and attractions on the grounds of health and safety this is not discriminatory and this is provided for in the Equality Act 2010. This view is endorsed by the HSE.

Essential Companion Tickets

Guests who have the following documentation are entitled to one free essential companion ticket. However, the guest with the disability and any further members of their party will pay full price.

Entitlement to Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 or DLA/Personal Independent Payments (PIP) for those aged 16-64, either in the form of a letter stating that the benefit has been awarded, or the actual Allowance book.

Attendance Allowance or Carer’s Allowance letter of award.

Incapacity Benefit books, or a letter notifying the recipient that the benefit has been awarded Incapacity Benefit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA). Disability Student’s Allowance (DSA) or DID card (UK Disabled ID Card)

In the case of visual impairment, a registration card known as the BD8 or a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI).

Access Card with the Essential Companion/companion symbol.

NOTE: Please be aware we are unable to accept letters or care home identification cards as proof of entitlement for an essential companion ticket.

Assistance dogs

Assistance/guide dogs are welcome at Clacton Pier however they will not be able to accompany guests onto any rides. Dogs will need to be left with a member of the guests party at the ride admission point. Dogs must not be left unattended or tethered anywhere on the pier and our staff are not permitted to care for your dogs while you ride.

Assistance dogs are allowed into the Jurassic Pier attraction though they will not be permitted to sit in the seated area.

Please Note: Dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act are not permitted on-site (whether muzzled or otherwise).

Eating & drinking

There are numerous catering facilities across the pier offering a range of meals, drinks and snacks. All of these are accessible via level surfaces and ramps. Menus are available on screens or tables and staff will be pleased to assist you with any information if you ask.

There are various outdoor catering outlets open during the peak season offering takeaway food, ice cream, and souvenirs.

Allergies and food intolerances should be highlighted to our catering staff before you place your order

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