Major investment in staff at Clacton Pier

  • 21 May, 2024
  • Development
  • On the pier

A major investment in staff facilities and training and development is continuing at Clacton Pier.

Bosses at the attraction are spending a six-figure sum to improve office space, meeting rooms, workshops for the technical support team and arcade engineers, and training rooms around the site.

The scheme began in 2022 with a new building created next to the log flume ride and some of the team have already moved in.

Elsewhere four new offices, two meeting rooms and a reception area are well underway in a space previously used for storage and equipment.

A staff room on the west side of the pier is being expanded and will provide additional seating, a new outdoor seating area as well as a bike rack.

General Manager Harry Peek said that there has been a massive investment in attractions for visitors over the past few years and now it is time to upgrade staff facilities.

“There has been an incredible improvement in what we offer our guests but we mustn’t forget our employees who are key to our business,” he said.

“Their needs are also very important to us and we are in the process of a significant project which we expect to complete by the end of the year.

“Our technical support team, carpenters and painters are already in their new workshop area while the rides’ management offices and training facilities are being completed but are not habitable yet.”

The pier also has appointed its first learning and development manager.

The aim behind the post is to support the employee journey from interview, through induction to ongoing development and give them the best possible chance of a successful career.

A new induction programme has been created along with a management training and development scheme which will be followed by department specific training.

Mr Peek added: “As well as helping staff the idea is to bring further consistency to our operations and level of service to the public.”

Jurassic Half Term kicks-off on Saturday (May 25) and runs for nine days through to June 2.

Three life-size prehistoric creatures, Dylan the Dilophosaurus, Bronwen the Brontosaurus, and Loki the Velociraptor will be roaming the pier with their handlers at regular slots in the day.

There will also be appearances from the attraction’s own baby dinosaurs and a special dinosaur trail for kids to complete.

On Sunday May 26 at 9pm the next free fireworks display will be staged with dinosaur themed music.

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