Coffee and tea innovation meets Pier renovation

  • 12 July, 2018
  • Development
  • On the pier


Clacton Pier is looking to up its environmentally-friendly credentials
as part of its new £4million development.

The company has chosen new coffee and tea suppliers for the site which
will include the Galley family restaurant and Captain’s Table coffee shop as
part of Discovery Bay section of the scheme.

The initiative has given the Pier the opportunity to reassess its green
and ethical values.

Billy Ball, Managing Director of Clacton Pier, said it was a very
important decision to get right for the future.

“Plastic waste in this area of the food and beverage market is a really
hot topic nationally and we wanted to look again at our
environmentally-friendly credentials,” he said.

“We have gone for coffee pioneers Paddy and Scott’s and teapigs as the
perfect combination. It is not all about making money but also doing the right
thing in the wider world.

“These two firms have been working together for eight years and have
made great strides. Paddy and Scott’s was one of the first UK companies to introduce
recyclable coffee bags and make the switch to fully compostable takeaway cups
long before their competitors.

“teapigs are committed to be the country’s greenest tea company and were
the first to be awarded the Plastic-Free Trust Mark by A Plastic Planet.”

Martin Westhorp, Paddy and Scott’s National Sales Manager, said Clacton
Pier Company is setting the bar high with its new development and his firm is
delighted to lend its expertise.

The firm grow, roast and distribute coffee and other products throughout
the UK and beyond. It invested in a farm in Meru, Kenya, last year and set up
the Meru Farm Community Project.

Coffee drinkers are linked straight to the people growing, picking and
processing their coffee and reinvesting in the farm as well as the wider

With just over 15 acres, the farm boasts 6,600 trees – one of which has
been gifted to the Clacton Pier Company to mark the new link-up.

Paddy and Scott’s will be the official supplier throughout four coffee
bars on the Pier. A proportion of the proceeds go directly into the Meru
Community Project which has funded improvements on the farm and local school.

Mr Westhorp said: “This really is just the beginning; Paddy and Scott’s
have committed the next ten years and beyond to the project. To Have Billy and
the Clacton Pier Company involved is music to our ears.”

Clacton Pier will be serving Muchomba classic blend direct from the farm
as well as the new Nitro cold brew craft coffee.

Louise Cheadle, teapig’s tea taster, is equally excited.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as Clacton Pier Company’s tea
supplier and can’t wait to see the completed development,” she said. “This
really is a winning combination in so many ways.”

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