Date for Log Flume

  • 17 August, 2020
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


first of two exciting new ride attractions is planned to open at Clacton Pier at
the weekend.

White Water Log Flume was bought from Codonas, a park in Aberdeen, in February
last year and has been totally refurbished.

has been put through its paces and independent inspectors were on site at the
weekend to carry out all the necessary checks.

ride will undergo further trials all week and will then open to the public for
the first time on Saturday August 22 – subject to its final inspections.

director Billy Ball said that customers have had to wait a bit longer than
expected but he is sure they will not be disappointed.

log flume was bought from a relative’s park in Scotland, along with the Looping
Star Roller Coaster to freshen our ride offering,” he said.

are two statement attractions and at the same time we have taken the
opportunity to change the layout of a large section of the ride deck and bring
in a new ticket office.

aim had been to have the log flume ready for Easter but due to the Coronavirus
pandemic and subsequent lockdown this had to be put on hold.”

Ball added that there had been a difficulty in retaining the specialist labour to
complete the renovation and the glass fibre hulls on the boats.

the Pier’s own team worked tirelessly to finish the structural work during
lockdown, leaving only the safety and electrical systems to be installed once
the business reopened in July.

thank all those on the small team that continued on this project while the Pier
was closed and it has meant that we have been able to get the log flume
operational this summer,” said Mr Ball.

it would have been open at Easter, but we all know that we are not living in an
ideal world and one that has thrown up many new challenges this year.

log flume is a very welcome addition and we look forward to adding the Looping
Star roller coaster as soon as possible.”

on the roller coaster was affected by storm damage in February.

Ball said it is hoped to settle the insurance claims with Aviva in the coming
days and once the green light is given work will begin on constructing a new
section of the Pier ready for the Looping Star. It is hoped this will open in
early 2021.

Miami Beach Ride, which was also affected by the storm damage, should reopen in
the next couple of weeks. Remedial works are now complete, and the move of the ride
to a new area of deck will take place soon after the school holidays.

Government guidance, Discovery Bay soft play and Lanes Bowling Centre on the
Pier re-opened at the weekend.


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