Essential work underway on Fun Fair improvements scheme

  • 14 October, 2019
  • On the pier


Work has begun on the vital first stage of Clacton Pier’s Fun Fair
improvement scheme.

Pier’s in-house team has started to demolish the 1930s Queen Mary building
which divides the former swimming pool area and the rides deck.

building has come to the end of its useful life and the entire roof would have
had to be completely recovered if it was to be retained.

removal of the building will pave the way to construct five reinforced concrete
enhancements. Once complete, these will require less maintenance and provide better
support for heavier improved rides to be brought in to increase the offering to

director Billy Ball said: “The changes taking place will significantly improve
the overall integrity of the structure of the Pier and help sustain it for the

latest scheme follows on from the successful completion of Discovery Bay (which
includes the new soft play area, Galley Restaurant, Captain’s Table takeaway
and Dockside Dodgems) along with Skull Point Adventure Golf.

May this year work on Central Parade, the Prize Factory Amusement Arcade and a
new entrance to the attraction were also finished.

the Pier directors are turning their attention to the ride offering which has
always been an anchor for the business and its largest department.

the initial work has started with the demolition of the Queen Mary building,
the directors will be meeting again with their financial backers and banks for further
finance to enable the full revamp to be completed.

includes the refurbishment of a number of rides – including old favourites such
as the Go Karts, Tea Cups and Wild Mouse – as well as the addition of new ones
which will include a log flume.

White Water Log Flume has been bought and transported from Scotland to Clacton
where it is currently being restored. The plan is to make the changes needed to
accommodate the ride over this winter and have it in operation next season.

is also the directors’ intention to make a further announcement soon about the
introduction of another major ride attraction.

Pier will remain open to customers throughout the latest scheme and residents
and visitors will be able to keep a close eye on progress.

directors apologise for any inconvenience caused while this important work
takes place and will do their best to keep it to a minimum,” said Mr Ball. “It
is all part of the overall revamp of the Pier going forwards.”



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