Frustration over soft play

  • 3 August, 2020
  • On the pier


are mounting over the lack of Government information about when soft play areas
can reopen.

Pier’s Discovery Bay has been closed since mid-March and there is still no date
of when it can operate again.

all other attractions on the landmark site are now back up and running –
although the Lanes Bowling Centre was unable to open as planned at the weekend
due to a change in Government directions.

play areas have been back in action for some time and there is real confusion as
to why the rules are different for indoor areas.

director Billy Ball called on Clacton MP Giles Watling for help and he put in a
written question about the situation to the relevant department but there has
been no answer yet.

has become one of the most frustrating issues for us since the lockdown and we
still have no answers to date,” he said.

playgrounds have no way of restricting numbers and are not cleaned on a regular
basis. We can keep a very careful check on capacity in Discovery Bay and have a
very thorough cleaning programme waiting to be rolled out.

solution we will be using is effective for up to 30 days and we know we can run
the attraction safely for both customers and staff.

is not only us saying this, but all those involved in soft play areas. We can
take the balls out of the ballistic gun if necessary and can close the role
play rooms with shared props until a risk assessment deemed it safe to
introduce them. We will do whatever is needed to get back open.”

Ball pointed out that the weather has been very varied during June and July and
soft play areas would have played a vital part in keeping children active over
that period. This is being stopped by the Government.

really doesn’t make sense to us and we are continually being asked when
Discovery Bay will be open to the public,” he added. “There really is nothing
we can tell customers as we simply do not know!”

Pier’s trade association, BALPPA, is leading a campaign on this matter and it is
being supported by all in the business.

centres have closed for good and if there is not a decision made soon, I fear
that others will go the same way and many jobs will be lost,” said Mr Ball.


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