Furry tail has happy ending for cat owners

  • 1 April, 2019
  • In the community


A much-loved pet has been returned to her grateful
owners having gone missing for almost a year.

The cat disappeared from home and was hiding
out at Clacton Pier where staff had been unable to catch it despite their best

Gucci spent a lot of time in the roof section
where she was spotted on many occasions – but could never be captured.

She set off alarms in the middle of the night,
much to the annoyance of employees who had to return to site to deal with the

However, Gucci was finally caught and returned
home to her delighted and surprised owners after her adventures.

She belongs to Kaylee-Ann Blake and her
partner, Sam, who had almost given up hope of ever seeing her again.

“Gucci was a gift from Sam’s mother who died
three years ago so she is very important to us and we were so upset when she
went missing,” said Kaylee-Ann.

“We were looking everywhere; we thought she
had gone for good and we were devastated. We cannot thank the Pier staff enough
for getting her back to us and she is settling in with the family again.”

Nigel Brown, communications manager at the
Pier, said the moggy had proved very elusive and was obviously enjoying herself
on the Pier.

“People who had been working in the roof space
had seen a pair of bright shiny eyes at various times and weren’t sure what it was
up there,” he said.

“Alarms went off at 2am and 3am – which is
good because it shows they work – but not so much fun for those who had to some
down and reset them.

“As time went on, we were sure it was a cat,
but we were never able to capture her, and Gucci made the most of her temporary
home for around a year.”

Finally, the nervous cat was tempted out and
captured by staff who were relieved to have brought an end to her wanderings.

Gucci was looked after overnight and reunited
with Kaylee-Ann and Sam the next day.

“I don’t think they really ever expected to
see Gucci again after such a long time and it’s always nice to have a tail with
a happy ending,” added Mr Brown.

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