Giles Watling pledges support for Pier

  • 24 February, 2020
  • On the pier


Watling has pledged his support for Clacton Pier as it starts its preparations
to make vital repairs to its ride deck.

Clacton MP visited the landmark attraction to meet with its directors and to witness
the extent of recent damage firsthand.

section of the ride deck collapsed into the sea last Friday (February 14) following
the effects of Storm Ciara, and while refurbishment work was being carried out.

debris has now been cleared away and the next stage is to carry out the repairs
as soon as possible.

Billy Ball told Mr Watling that it is important that the work is not delayed,
and any hold-ups would have a significant adverse effect on the business.

have discovered that carrying out the repairs may not be quite as straight forward
as we initially anticipated in terms of permissions and that is all being
looked into,” he said.

need to get these matters resolved and any help Giles can give us to move
things forward will be greatly appreciated.

were delighted when he agreed to come down and meet us – and we had very
positive discussions.”

Pier has already been visited by a government body, the Marine Management Organisation,
and discussions took place about the way forward.

Watling said he received a very thorough briefing on the incident itself and
any possible complications there may be in carrying out the repair work as a
matter of urgency.

am quite prepared to have talks with those involved in this process to try to
ensure that there are no unnecessary delays,” he added.

do not want another situation like the West Pier at Brighton and Clacton Pier’s
directors really need to get on with the programme of repairs as soon as

Pier is one of Clacton’s most important employers and is crucial to the holiday
industry of both the town and wider Tendring District. We must not let this
situation drag on and I will do whatever I can to help.”

Ball added that at this stage there is no final figure for the cost of the
repairs or any start date for the scheme.

number of our outside rides – Twister, Paratrooper, Bumper Boats, Scalextric and
hopefully the Go-Karts will open next Saturday (29th) and we will
reopen to fishermen on the same day,” he said.

always we will strive to keep our customers updated as the situation progresses.”


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