Helter Skelter back

  • 4 June, 2020
  • On the pier


most iconic ride on Clacton Pier has returned from its winter holiday and is going
back up for the summer season.

Helter Skelter, which was bought by the Ball brothers soon after they purchased
the landmark attraction in 2009, was carefully taken down at the end of last year.

was transported to Edinburgh where it was part of the famous Princes Street
Winter Wonderland.

ride, which is also known as a slip, was due to return for Easter but stayed
packed away due to the lockdown.

left the Midlands around 4am yesterday morning and the Pier’s technical
services team had it installed by the end of the day.

Billy Ball said that the sight of the Helter Skelter back in place is a
morale-booster and sign of optimism for staff and customers during this
difficult period.

will now have the slip ready for operation whenever we are told that we can
reopen the outdoor ride area to the public,” he said.

always we will be led by the Government and the science and we are hoping that we
may get a date in July which allow us to operate throughout the school summer

would be fantastic if we can do that – with all the necessary safety and
distancing measures in place for staff and customers.”

Helter Skelter always goes away for the winter months to protect it from damage
from the strong winds and saltwater.

attraction was originally built by the English specialist firm, Supercar, and
was also used in a Marks and Spencer advert.

Pier is also hoping to reopen for fishing on June 15 with pass holders being
allowed on and off the attraction by a member of staff.

further announcement is due to be made soon.

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