Ride makes a splash

  • 24 August, 2020
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


Pier’s exciting new White Water Log Flume proved a splash hit when it opened up
for the first time at the weekend.

of all ages were queueing long before it made its initial run around lunchtime
on Saturday and by the end of the day hundreds of thrill seekers had enjoyed
the attraction.

packed into the five logs – each taking four passengers – on the ride which was
bought from Codonas Park in Aberdeen and had been totally refurbished during
the winter.

Director Billy Ball said he was delighted with the response the attraction

seemed to love it; some got off and went straight to the back of the queue for
another go,” he said.

had some great feedback and the weather was just about perfect for the ride’s
first day of operation.”

most excited customer was young Joe Chesshire from Harwich, who was with his
mum, Stacey, and sister, Megan, celebrating his 8th birthday.

got an email from the Pier the day before to say the log flume was opening and
it was the perfect way to spend Joe’s birthday,” she said. “He was the first to
go on the ride and it really made his day. We loved it.”

had initially been hoped to have the attraction ready for Easter but the
lockdown and the lack of supply of materials and labour put that back.

the final touches were made last week, and the ride passed all its safety
inspections with flying colours.

were a little concerned when it was so windy on Friday, but it dropped enough
for us to be able to open on Saturday lunchtime and it was a great weekend for
us,” added Mr Ball.

next new ride to open will be the Looping Star Roller Coaster which is expected
to come on-line next year.

Pier is waiting for a settlement of its insurance claim with Aviva following
storm damage in February.

that is finalised it is hoped to start work on an extension of the ride deck to
house the roller coaster, probably in October.


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