Thrill ride ready for October

  • 13 September, 2021
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


A seaside attraction’s third new ride of the year should be up and
running by next month, it has been revealed.

Frustrating delays with the delivery of materials have held back the
opening of Clacton Pier’s Looping Star Roller Coaster but it is hoped to be
operating during the October half term break.

Bosses want it to be one of the star attractions during an excitingly
ghoulish Halloween Festival which promises a host of activities and fun for all
the family.

The Looping Star was bought from a park in Aberdeen in 2019 to replace
the Stella’s Revenge which was sold to an attraction in South America.

However, following storm damage to the west side of the ride deck work had
to be put back.

Pier director Billy Ball said the repairs were more extensive than first
imagined and took longer to carry out.

has also been a struggle to obtain the necessary materials since the delay to
achieve the installation,” he added. “And we now face the challenges that the
rest of the world is experiencing with the supply of materials. 

“It has been frustrating for our customers and we have had had many
enquiries about when the ride will open – and it has been equally frustrating
for us.

“We wanted the Looping Star operating in the summer, but it wasn’t to
be. However, we are at a point now where we hope to have it ready to make it a
star turn at our Halloween Festival.”

The ride has a three car train with 12 seats and includes a ten metre

The fang-tastic Halloween Festival will run during half term from
October 23 to October 31 with a free fireworks extravaganza on November 6.

The Styles family will be on board again this year with their freaky
sideshow after they have been self-isolating for more than five decades in the
Jolly Roger at the end of the Pier.

There will be a special £19.99 offer which will include rides, go-karts,
a round of adventure golf, seaquarium, video games, a visit to the pumpkin
patch and candy floss. Anyone returning for a second visit over the period will
get the deal at just £9.99.

A children’s fancy dress competition is also being staged along with a
creepy colouring competition, monstrous model display, a ghost hunt pack and
ghoulish good food.

Clacton Pier installed two other new rides this summer, the Elegant Wheel
Experience and the Race’O’Rama.


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