Waverley coming back for 2024

  • 5 February, 2024
  • On the pier

popular iconic ship will be returning to Clacton later this year with a number
of exciting new trips in the pipeline.

the world’s last seagoing passenger carrying paddle steamer, will be docking regularly
over a three week period as part of its Thames and East Coast cruising

will be calling at Clacton Pier’s berthing arm for excursions which could
include the Steam Parade to the Thames Forts, a Pirate Radio day, and a special
cruise to the Principality of Sealand – the world’s smallest independent state.

further trip currently being considered is a meet up with Ross Revenge on the
River Blackwater to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Radio

are on top of the normal favourite cruises from Clacton to London where Tower
Bridge opens up for Waverley to pass through.

Wardley, a spokesman for the charity-owned vessel, said that a final timetable
is being drawn up and exact dates will be released soon.

programme will incorporate trips from Clacton on various days from the last
week of September through to October 13,” he added.

year most of the cruises were sold out and we always get a terrific response
for our Thames and East Coast dates.

are extremely grateful for the support we receive from residents and visitors
who book up, as well as the team at Clacton Pier that help make these Waverley
trips possible.”

which was built on the River Clyde in 1947,  returned to the pier in 2022 after an absence
of four years due to the pandemic and staffing issues.

year the trust that runs the ship launched a successful appeal which brought in
£168,000 to pay for dry dock costs including an annual inspection, repainting and
steel renewals which kept it operating.

Nigel Brown, Clacton Pier communications manager, said that Waverley
always pulls in a large crowd when it docks at the attraction.

“It is a huge draw for those who just want to come and see her and take
photos – as well as passengers boarding for their cruise,” he added.

“She is a fantastic sight which takes us back to the first days of the
pier in the 1870’s when it was built to accommodate paddle steamers bringing
passengers and goods to the town.

“We are delighted to play our part in this annual attraction by
maintaining the berthing arm and providing the services Waverley requires to
continue to run her popular trips.”

Once the timetable is released people will be able to make bookings.



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