Corner of ride deck collapses into sea

  • 14 February, 2020
  • On the pier


small section of the outside ride deck of Clacton Pier collapsed into the sea
today as structural refurbishment work was being carried out.

scheme that was being undertaken was to put in a new area of concrete decking.

limited section was being cast in the far corner of the ride deck which is
currently closed off to the public.

aim was ensure that the wet concrete being laid would not result in undue structural
movement to the existing concrete deck.

director Billy Ball said that as this was taking place, excess vertical
movement of the piles caused four bays of the existing slab to fail.

was being carried out under controlled conditions at a time when the tide was
up and no one was under the Pier,” he said.

personnel were carefully monitoring the pouring of the concrete when the
collapse happened, and everyone was evacuated from that particular area which
is now fenced off.”

Ball added that similar tried and tested methods have taken place in other
areas of the Pier over the past ten years that it has been in his family’s

far around 4,000 square metres of such work has been carried out and this area
involves 140 square metres.

part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the Pier remains safe and serviceable,
we go to extensive lengths to analyse and calculate the integrity of the
existing structure before constructing any new attractions,” he said.

structural engineers are currently assessing the situation.”

affected section of the ride deck was a part of the area which had been set
aside for the new Looping Star ride due to be opened in the Spring.


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