Don’t rely on the weatherman

  • 12 July, 2021
  • On the pier


A popular seaside attraction believes Clacton is getting a raw deal from
the weather forecasters – and it’s damaging trade.

A number of times this summer the town has escaped the predicted rainfall,
but visitors have been put off from travelling.

Billy Ball, director of Clacton Pier, said it is a long-standing issue
which has affected businesses’ takings over the years.

“Clacton has its own microclimate which means while it can be pouring
down up the road, but we stay dry or just get away with a short light shower,”
he said.

“The driest place in England is St Osyth which is a neighbouring village
to us and that just shows how it can be very different along our coastline.

“The town was promoted as ‘Sunny Clacton’ for many years for a reason
and we need to get that message across to potential customers.”

Mr Ball added that he accepted that the forecasts in the media are more
general as they have to cover a wider area.

However, he urged people need to take more notice of very localised
information nearer to the time they are travelling.

“This is something that those in the leisure and hospitality trade have
felt strongly about for a long time,” he said.

“The number of times that the forecast says it will rain all day and
then it clears up after an early shower and the sun breaks through is

“It happened again this weekend and it is very frustrating – I would just
urge people look at what the weather is actually doing in Clacton, and not what
the forecasters predict for the area in advance.”

Mr Ball said that the Pier is more protected now with its new indoor
attractions which mean it is less affected by the bad weather.

“Visitors can still come to the adventure golf, soft play, bowling, arcades
and seaquarium when its wet but the outdoor rides are a huge pull in the
summer,” he added.

“Please don’t be put off by a poor forecast – check as the sun is often
shining in Clacton!”


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