First step to reopening

  • 18 May, 2020
  • On the pier


Pier will be taking its first tentative steps back into business this week.

are set to open the Candy Corner kiosk at the front of the attraction on
Wednesday, while the rest of the site remains closed in line with Government guidance.

number of seafront kiosks in the town opened at the weekend – while ensuring
that customers kept a safe distance apart.

director Elliot Ball said he was delighted that that the first part of the
operation would be reopening.

is a step in the right direction, albeit a very small one, and we are starting to
look ahead to when other parts of the business can reopen.

understand this all depends very much on whether we keep Covid under control but
if everything goes well it could be sometime in July.

are staying optimistic and are looking at what hygiene and safety measures we
would need to put in place in our different departments to be able to welcome
our customers back.

is obvious people are desperate to get back to something closer to a more
normal life, but we still have to be patient and stick to the Government’s

Ball said Candy Corner will be catering for those people taking their exercise
along the Lower Promenade.

Pier has received many enquiries about when fishing can start from the end of
the landmark again.

may seem a bit confusing as fishing and angling are now permitted along with
some other sports,” added Mr Ball.

the position for us is that we cannot have any fishing from the Pier until we
have reopened fully and obviously, we will be keeping everyone informed as soon
as we know when that can happen.

it is very much a case of waiting until the time is right and trying to ensure we
do not get a large rise in Coronavirus cases.”


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