Gearing up for year of events

  • 27 December, 2023
  • On the pier


Pier is gearing up for a year of events.

at the iconic seaside attraction are drawing up plans to increase the number of
events staged during 2024 – as well as enhancing those already on the calendar.

was introduced for the first time in 2023 and was a huge success with crowds
packing into a marquee on the forecourt over two weekends.

is now going to be extended to three weekends and will also include Friday
evenings, making nine days in all – rather than four – and a larger marquee.

team is also looking at least one big new summer event to be added to the

such as February half term, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas will all be improved
to attract more visitors.

Billy Ball said it will be the first time since he and his brother, Elliot had
taken over the pier in 2009 that they have not embarked on a major new project.

one of our attractions will be significantly upgraded and other projects – such
as a new workshop, staff offices and training facilities – will be completed,”
he added.

have decided the emphasis in 2024 will be around our events which we aim to
make bigger and better than ever.

hopefully will all help to bring in new visitors to the pier, the town and

will also be a renewed effort to attract funding for the future renovation of
the Jolly Roger Theatre.

Ball said the last year saw a major new attraction in Jurassic Pier open up,
along with investment in the Boardwalk Bar and Grill as well as the return of
the fully-refurbished Waltzer ride.

was also a major focus on staff – enhancing the management team and the
introduction of new training programmes and incentives.

back, Mr Ball said it had been a difficult financial 12 months due in part to
long periods of bad weather, especially through the school summer holidays.

on-going cost of living crisis had also been a challenge along with an energy
price hike which took effect towards the end of the summer.

we worked hard to offer new value which helped to maintain a steady footfall
and cushion what could have been a very tough year financially,” he added.

previous five years of investment in new indoor attractions also stood us in
good stead when the weather was poor.”

of the enhanced events programme will be announced in the coming weeks.


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