Log Flume getting ready to make a splash

  • 9 March, 2020
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


first of two new thrill rides being brought online at Clacton Pier this year is
starting to take shape.

is progressing well on the White Water Log Flume and it is expected to be open in
time for the Easter holidays.

sub frame has been finished, all the tank station constructed, and the lower
sections completed.

has now started on the foundations for the higher parts of the ride and these
will go up over the next couple of weeks.

director Billy Ball said that he is relieved to see the Log Flume starting to
grow and it is now about one third of its final height.

team is really cracking on with the programme and you can start to see what a
big attraction this will be for us,” he said.

walking along the promenade will notice part of the structure sticking up above
the building line and this will become even more evident over the next

all that has gone on over the winter it is a relief to be making progress on
one of the new thrill rides.”

total cost of the project to add the two new rides is £1 million.

Log Flume was bought from a park in Scotland owned by members of the Ball
family and has been completely refurbished.

rides were open on the Pier at the weekend and customers made the most of the
decent weather.

Go-karts are now not far away from being put back in operation having been moved
to a more central position on the ride deck.

second new thrill ride, the Looping Star, will be put up later in the year once
the area that collapsed on February 14 has been repaired.


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