National celebration to be launched in Clacton

  • 13 December, 2022
  • On the pier


A national celebration of seaside piers will be launched in Clacton next

A whole host of activities and events have been lined up across the
country for Year of the Pier 2023.

It will include special tours to visit attractions on the Northeast
Coast, Isle of Man and Scotland, as well as talks, lectures, and a touring

The celebration is being staged by the National Piers Society (NPS) and
Clacton Pier is a major partner in the project.

It will stage a free fireworks extravaganza on Sunday March 5 to
officially launch proceedings – and there are also talks taking place for the attraction
to host a seaside variety show to be put on in the Jolly Roger in September.

In between, there will other events held at the pier as part of the

Director Billy Ball said he was proud to be able to get on board with
the initiative in a significant way.

“Having owned a pier for more than 13 years we are well aware of the
ongoing costs of repairing and maintaining these structures,” he said.

“They provide so much enjoyment for families in their communities and
are a huge part of this country’s history. Anything we can do to help raise
awareness and promote piers is to be welcomed.

“This national celebration will bring us all together, supporting each
other and we are grateful to the NPS for coming up with the idea.”

Clacton Pier picked up the prestigious Pier of the Year Award from the
NPS for the first time in 2020.

“This was a fantastic accolade for us and recognition of the investment
and effort we have made to up our offer over recent years,” he added. “Now it
is our turn to get behind the NPS and recognise the role it plays as the
leading authority on seaside piers.”

Tim Wardley, President of the NPS, said Year of the Pier is a national event
to promote the wide diversity of offerings from all 62 seaside piers around the
country and the contribution they play to the UK coastal tourism economy. 

the post pandemic increase in staycations, 2023 is the ideal year to come
together and highlight everything the coastal tourism experience has to offer
including the UK’s unique network of pleasure palaces at sea – our seaside
piers,” he added.

around the coast, piers are approaching us with enthusiastic and imaginative
ways to help us celebrate. We are delighted that Clacton has fully embraced the
concept, with several special events planned throughout the year.” 


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