New event hits the right note

  • 25 September, 2023
  • On the pier


Pier’s newest event got off to a flying start at the weekend with two days
packed with beer, food, live music and fun.

pulled in the crowds on Saturday and Sunday as everyone got into the spirit of
the 200-year-old German festival.

Kline Oompah Band led the entertainment along with regular duo Tail Feathers
creating the perfect atmosphere in the marquee at the front of the attraction.

at the bars and a swing grill worked tirelessly throughout to meet the constant
demand of customers.

in the marquee were all taken before the band struck up at 1pm and the music,
song and games continued for six hours.

communications manager Nigel Brown, said that the weekend was a success.

never know how a new event will be received but the first two days of
Oktoberfest went down very well,” he added.

the end of the weekend we had run out of Bratwurst sausages, cheese sausages,
rolls and pretzels.

was a great festival atmosphere and everyone seemed to have a good time – we
even had two hen parties turn up.

is likely that it will become a regular part of our annual programme of events
due to it being so well received.”

will continue this weekend (Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 1) with
Papa Schnitzel performing on Saturday and Ein Kline Oompah band returning on

is no entrance fee and tables in the marquee are on a first come first served


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