New ride ready for after lockdown

  • 20 April, 2020
  • On the pier


final touches are being made to Clacton Pier’s new white water log flume ride
which will be ready for use once the current Covid lockdown is lifted.

still needs to be carried out to install the electrical and safety control
systems, but the entire structure has now been completed.

logs – which people sit in – are also currently undergoing a full refurbishment.

Ball and his brother Elliot, who own the Pier, have been working on the project
with a small in-house technical services steam – while keeping a safe distance
from each other.

of the 15 metre high ride is visible from the seafront, but no one can see the
entire structure as we are in lockdown like every other attraction,” he said.

we thought we would reveal this first sneak preview of what it looks like and
what our customers can look forward to at the appropriate time.

had been preparing to bring in extra teams to get the rides ready for Easter
but stood those down once we realised we would not be open.

is strange to see the Pier empty for so long as we normally only close on
Christmas Day, but we must follow the guidelines and stay safe.”

Ball added that despite the storm damage in February – and the on-going process
of repairing the small section of the ride deck which collapsed – plans are
continuing to progress for a second new ride, the Looping Star roller coaster.

track has now all been sandblasted and repainted and another trailer arrived on
site on Friday from storage.

the various parts need to be sorted into sequence so that the ride can be put
up as smoothly as possible when the time arrives.

very limited team remain on site to ensure the overall structure, buildings and
attractions continue to be maintained and will be safe and serviceable once Covid
restrictions are relaxed,” said Mr Ball.

then we all have to be patient – however difficult it may be – until we are
told things start to return to normal.”


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