New thrill ride announced

  • 12 February, 2020
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


A second exciting new thrill ride will be operating on Clacton Pier this

The Pier has bought a Looping Star from a family-owned park in Scotland
and it will be in place and open to customers by the Spring.

It will join the Log Flume which was purchased from the same park in
Aberdeen earlier this year.

The Looping Star is a significant improvement on the previous roller
coaster, Stella’s Revenge, which is being sold to a site in South America.

Director Billy Ball said he is excited to be able to introduce two major
rides this year.

“We were pleased to have been able to secure the Log Flume but when the opportunity
arose to acquire the Looping Star as well, we had to go for it,” he said.

“Both have been bought from a relative’s park in Aberdeen and therefore
have always been in the family as such.

“They will be completely refurbished before being installed and I am
sure they will be a big pull for our customers. It has a real wow factor!”

The Looping Star weighs 64 tons and a new concrete base foundation with
40 tons of reinforced steel is currently being constructed. It is hoped to
start pouring the concrete by the end of this week.

Part of the structure has already arrived at the Pier and is laid out on
the forecourt. People will see it start to go up over the coming weeks.

The ride will have a three car train with 12 seats and has a ten metre
loop. It will also have new LED lighting.

The Looping Star was made by Italian firm, Pinfari, the world’s most
successful transportable roller coaster manufacturers.

The outdoor ride deck is being revamped to accommodate the new rides.

The Log Flume is being built in the area previously occupied by the
Go-karts – which will now be moved to a central position – while the Looping
Star will move onto the footprint of Stella’s Revenge.


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