On-going support for NHS

  • 27 July, 2020
  • In the community


owners of Clacton Pier have committed to making an on-going donation to support
the work of the NHS.

and Elliot Ball will be handing over all the profits from one machine in the
attraction’s amusement arcade on a regular basis as a thank you for all that
the service does to save lives.

the Balls will be speaking to their trade association BACTA (British Amusement
Catering Trade Association) to encourage other members to adopt the initiative –
or do something similar – to raise funds.

Elliot Ball said the aim was both to support and thank NHS staff for their
extraordinary efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic and into the future.

recent weeks have made everyone aware, if they did not realise already, how lucky
we are in this country to have such a wonderful health service,” he said.

have gone over and above, putting their own lives at risk, to battle Covid 19
and look after our loved ones.

are going to set up an on-going and everlasting donation by giving over the
profits of one of our machines.”

Ball added that the machine will be clearly branded so that customers will know
that they are supporting the NHS every time they play it.

Pier has previously done the same for the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity.

are hoping that the idea will be taken up by others in our industry to make a
real difference for a long time to come,” said Mr Ball.

with our proposed NHS appreciation party, the donation will signify our
grateful thanks and support for all that the NHS does for all of us.”

Pier will be reopening its Bowling Centre on Saturday (August 1) in line with
Government guidance.

the necessary measures and a thorough cleansing routine will be in place for
the safety of customers and staff.


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