Pier and Fire Service team up

  • 2 May, 2023
  • On the pier


Pier has teamed up with Essex Fire Service for a mock exercise at the front of
the seaside attraction.

simulation will involve the Big Wheel – which stands at 33metres tall – and
will take place on Thursday (May 4) at 10am.

pier has stringent evacuation protocols in place to safely remove visitors from
all its rides should an issue arise.

exercise will provide the Fire Service the chance to use one of its Aerial
Ladder Platform (ALP) appliances at the site and to test out its own procedures
and equipment.

ALP has a working height of around 32metres but this depends on how close the
appliance can get to the wheel.

will also involve testing the capabilities of the appliance’s stabilising legs
given the slope of the roadway in Pier Gap; the further away it is from the wheel
will lessen the reach.

that is the case, the Fire Service’s climbing team could be used to access the
top of the wheel.

communications manager Nigel Brown said the pier was approached to take part in
the exercise.

is a win, win situation,” he added. “The Fire Service have the chance to test
out the APL appliance’s capabilities and we have agreed for them to use our
wheel as a high-rise structure as it is the right height for this purpose.

is always good to work together with an emergency service in this type of mock

exercise will depend on the availability of the ALP.


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