Pier looking for new staff

  • 17 January, 2023
  • On the pier


Bosses at Clacton Pier are looking to appoint a number of new staff as
part of the attraction’s continued growth and expansion.

The search is on for a general manager to support the directors
following five years of unprecedented development.

The role will include taking on overall responsibility for daily
operations at the 6.5acre site.

As part of a recruitment drive, the pier is also hunting for a digital
marketing executive and a chef as well as seasonal staff for the coming year.

Director Billy Ball said that the attraction has continued to grow very
quickly since 2018 making the position of general manager a necessity.

“It will be the first time since my brother, Elliot, and I bought the
pier in 2009 that we have felt that we need someone in such a senior role to
support us,” he added.

“It will free us up to be more strategic and to concentrate on the
various ideas and projects that we have had in mind since we took over the

“The pace of expansion has been very fast, and we now require someone
who can take a lead and concentrate solely on the day to day operations of a
business which attracts just shy of a million visitors per year.”

Mr Ball added that millions of pounds have been spent on two phases of
development which have seen the pier transformed into a truly 52-week a year

This includes Discovery Bay soft play, Skull Point adventure golf,
Dockside Dodgems, the Galley family restaurant, Captain’s Table food outlet and
a fully enclosed concourse.

A number of major new rides have been added to the offer, and in the
spring Jurassic Pier – a new dinosaur walk-through experience with 4D cinema –
is planned to open to replace the seaquarium.

“With all this in place it is more important than ever for us to
strengthen the management team to maintain and develop our high level of
services for the customer,” said Mr Ball.

“The move is also further evidence of our ongoing commitment to continue
to take the business forward and enhance the offer for visitors and residents



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