Pier owners host Prime Minister

  • 23 October, 2023
  • On the pier


owners of Clacton Pier got the chance to host the Prime Minister on a high-profile
fact-finding mission to the town.

and Elliot Ball welcomed the Rt Hon Rishi Sunak to their 152-year-old attraction
while he was visiting the resort.

was in Clacton to learn about opportunities being created by £40 million of
Government Levelling Up funding for the area.

Balls, fifth generation Showmen, were chosen to meet the Prime Minister as
business owners and were honoured to greet him.

was a day we will always remember and we were able to discuss the importance of
the tourism industry and attractions like ours,” said Billy Ball.

Prime Minister was very well briefed and was engaged with what was going on at
the pier – its expansion and the investment we have made since taking it over.

thanked us for what we have done and recognised that tourism is a pivotal industry
in towns such as Clacton and needs to be supported.”

Ball added that the Prime Minister recalled when his family lived in Santa
Monica and made visits to its pier, as well as trips to other pleasure piers
which brought back many happy memories.

Balls took over Clacton Pier in 2009 and have transformed the attraction,
restoring it to its former glory.

family’s heritage goes back to their great, great grandfather Alfred Ball who travelled
the country with various forms of entertainment.

included the Joywheel, an early type of ride, the New Lyceum Show complete with
dancers and music from a fairground organ, his famous Bioscope – an early form
of cinema – and a boxing booth.

Billy and Elliot’s mother’s side are five generations of Show family starting
originally with the Codona Brothers, and still operating Codona’s Aberdeen
Amusement Park to this day.


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