Push to recycle plastics

  • 8 March, 2021
  • On the pier


A new push is being made to recycle plastics at Clacton Pier in a bid to
up its green credentials.

The landmark attraction already has its glass, cardboard and paper
collected but is now looking to include as much of its plastic waste as possible.

The Pier has contacted contractors CSH to arrange for a mixed collection
to be introduced ready for re-opening after lockdown.

Extra wheelie bins will be brought in to take the plastic waste.

Managing director Billy Ball said that staff will be encouraged to support
the initiative in all areas in an effort to be more environmentally-conscious.

“There is a huge drive internationally to keep our oceans clean – and rightly
so – and we want to be a part of that,” said Mr Ball.

“We as a business work right over the North Sea and we have our Seaquarium
where we promote such issues and educate youngsters about saving the wildlife below

“We all enjoy and benefit from the natural world around us and we all
need to play a role in preserving it for future generations.”

Mr Ball said the push on recycling plastics was an idea which came from
staff and he was pleased to back it all the way.

“Our plastic recycling has been minimal up to now but that will change
in a bid to get greener and cleaner,” he added.

“I would urge all businesses in Clacton and Tendring to look at what
they can do. Some are already stepping up to the plate and Tendring Council has
led the way by greatly increasing its own environmental credentials in recent

“We have kilometres of beautiful, recharged beaches thanks to the £30
million plus sea defence scheme which was undertaken by the Council and real
improvements are being made to benefit residents and visitors alike.”

Mr Ball said that the Pier constantly looks at ways of protecting the
environment and highlighting such issues as part of its overall business plan.


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