Stella’s Revenge to make way for new ride

  • 20 January, 2020
  • On the pier
  • Rides activities


One of Clacton Pier’s main rides is being removed to make way for a
bigger and more exciting attraction.

Eagle-eyed residents will have noticed the structure of Stella’s Revenge
has started to be dismantled over the past week.

The change is all part of a project to enhance and upgrade the ride
offer for the coming season.

Pier Director Billy Ball said that it is important that key attractions such
as the rides, which have always been an anchor for the business, are improved.

“The additions for this summer are set to appeal more to the thrill
seeker than the family audience,” he said.

“Stella’s Revenge has been up for almost 10 years and we want to replace
it with a ride that will help take us to another level. As long as all the
ducks fall into line, an announcement about the new attraction will be made
within weeks.

“The new log flume is already taking shape and we hope to have the two
new statement rides in place for the main season.”

Advanced discussions are underway with a ride operator in South America to
buy Stella’s Revenge and a deal has been approved in principal.

It was introduced to the Pier in 2011 to replace the Steel Stella
Coaster which had been a star attraction from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The aim was to invoke the landmark’s past, bring back the glory days; hence
why it was called Stella’s Revenge.

Customers will see a number of changes in the layout of the outdoor ride
deck and work on the scheme has been taking place since November.

“Pier staff are working flat out to complete this overhaul as soon as
possible but we were delayed by some very wet weather around Christmas time
which has inevitably put us back on our origin schedule,” added Mr Ball.

“It is our plan to have up to ten rides open for February half term and
the log flume and new attraction will be ready for Easter.

“This has been a major operation and we are keen to raise the standards of
the ride offering in line with the indoor development, showing our ongoing
commitment to improvement.”

During the February half term all rides in operation will be priced at
£1, except for the Go-karts – which have moved to the centre of the deck as
part of the revised layout.



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