Supporting World Funfair Month

  • 6 September, 2021
  • On the pier


World Fun Fair Month is being supported and celebrated at Clacton Pier
by turning the attraction’s lighting red, white and blue.

The industry has been severely hit by Covid which put a halt to fairs taking
place around the globe over a lengthy period due to their movement between
towns and the size of crowds they attract.

The family routes of current Pier owners Billy and Elliot Ball go back
to the Showman community, and they recognise its importance to modern day leisure
and entertainment.

“Fun fairs have a very rich history and involved all sections of society
– right up to royalty,” said Billy Ball.

“The Pier is a business which has its own funfair; these go back to
trading markets which then went on to encompass entertainment, including shows,
performing artists, parades, biascopes, boxing booths, and shows of strength. It’s
where the term Showman comes from.”

Rides went on to become a stronger and stronger feature – and, indeed,
the most dominant feature of the funfairs.

“We acknowledge their vital place in the community, the role they have
played in our heritage and feel it is important to celebrate that,” added Mr

“We have decided to turn our lighting red, white and blue for the whole of
September in honour of World Funfair Month.

“There has been a great deal of talk about the difficulties experienced
in this area by our industry recently and it is about us acknowledging that and
recognising it is where it all started for us.

“We can trace our Showman routes back five generations on our father,
Billy Ball Senior’s side of the family and several generations on our mother’s

Mr Ball said that while it is crucial to look forwards and strive for
improvements when trying to attract more visitors to help sustain the Pier’s
viability, it is also necessary to look back.

“The future and how we aim to upgrade our offer is vital, but we should
also look back and remember our rich history and how we got here,” he added. “It
should never be forgotten.”


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