The dinosaurs have arrived

  • 13 March, 2023
  • On the pier


The dinosaurs have arrived!

Clacton Pier has taken delivery of a consignment of giant pre-historic creatures
individually commissioned to star in its latest major attraction.

The herd includes an eight metre long Tyrannosaurus-Rex, four metre
Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor, a Bambiraptor, and a Pterosaur.

A 4D special effects cinema has also been installed and work is
progressing well towards an opening in the Spring.

Jurassic Pier is replacing a 40-year-old seaquarium which was dismantled
over the winter by an in-house team.

Once the area was dismantled and gutted, the cinema was put in by West
Midlands firm Simworx, one of the world’s top suppliers of motion simulation

Pier director Billy Ball said the exciting project is on schedule and
the new attraction is really starting to take shape.

“We began taking the seaquarium apart in November and it was quite a
lengthy job,” he said.

“However, we are now at a stage where we can see this mammoth scheme
coming together and our animatronic dinosaurs have been shipped in from Asia.

“It was good to see them arrive; they are now being looked after on the
pier by their keepers and settling in nicely, ready to meet the public very soon.

“Simworx have been on site and carried out their programme of works
which included the cinema and motion seating.”

Mr Ball added that a new roof is being laid on part of the building and
will be finished the week before Easter.

The fit out – including fencing and the dinosaur enclosures – is
continuing and will be followed by theming and installation of the audio visual
lighting and sound.

Other equipment, such as 3-D glasses and water-squirters, will make it a
fully immersive realistic experience.

“There will very much be an educational element to Jurassic Pier – as
well as the fun adventure element,” said Mr Ball.

“With a few changes it will also be a multi-functional facility we can
incorporate into other events such as Halloween and Christmas when required.”


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