Trevor the salmon adopted by Pier

  • 25 November, 2019
  • On the pier


A three metre long salmon called Trevor has found a permanent home at
Clacton Pier.

The plastic sculpture has been adopted by the Pier’s seaquarium and will
help to highlight the threat that single-use plastic waste poses to the future
of the world’s oceans.

Trevor was made by teenagers in Colchester and youngsters from a local
nursery helped paint some of the bottles used in his construction.

He was put together as part of a project carried out by the SillySalmons
(correct), a group of 15 to 17 year olds, who took part in their National
Citizen Service run by Catch22 (correct).

The sculpture went on show in the summer in Colchester’s Culver Square
and this was followed by a search for a long term home.

Nigel Brown, Clacton Pier’s communications manager, said that the team
that worked on the project made contact.

“As soon as the teenagers told us about Trevor and his need for a
permanent residence, we were more than happy to get involved,” he said.

“The youngsters worked so hard on creating this sculpture and it would
have been a shame if it had nowhere to go after it had been on display.

“One of the main aims of our seaquarium is to promote conservation and we
are keen to educate our customers on the damage caused to the waters around our
coastline by plastics. Trevor will be a valuable asset to help us get this
important message across.”

It is expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than

A spokesman for SillySalmons added: “All the youngsters who were
involved in this project are delighted to know that Trevor has found a new home
where he can promote a more environmentally-friendly environment.”

Trevor is covered in scales which share facts and tips on how to reduce
plastic usage.

Clacton Pier’s seaquarium now operates 52 weeks a year, rather than
closing down for the winter months. Entry costs £3.


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