Two injured in incident at pier

  • 26 June, 2023
  • On the pier


Two people have been taken to hospital by ambulance following an
incident on Clacton Pier today.

The incident involved the Looping Star ride on the west deck just after
12 noon.

A pier employee made a 999 call and Police, Fire and Ambulance Services
were all sent to the scene and arrived within minutes.

A man, who is a long-standing member of staff at the attraction,
suffered a cut to his head.

A woman, who was in the front car of the Looping Star, had a bump to the
head and was also suffering from shock.

Pier director Billy Ball said that both casualties were able to walk to
the ambulance following the incident and were taken to Colchester Hospital.

Mr Ball added that at this stage, and from the early eye-witness
reports, it is understood that the ride itself was not at fault.

“A full inquiry is now underway into what happened and we will be able
to say more in due course when we have the full details,” he said.

“The ride will not be in operation until all the facts have been
established as would be normal in this type of incident.”

He told how all the emergency services were dispatched immediately due
to the nature of the  attraction.

“We can only praise all of them for arriving so promptly and taking over
the care of the two casualties after they had initially been looked after by
pier staff,” he added.

“At Clacton Pier the safety and well-being of our staff and guests is
our number one priority.”

It is believed that the woman casualty is holidaying in the area with
her family.



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