Winter work goes on

  • 9 November, 2020
  • On the pier


A full programme of winter work continues on Clacton Pier while it remains
closed to the public.

The second lockdown has meant the landmark has had to stop operating its
various indoor and outdoor attractions until at least December 2, but there is still
plenty going on behind the scenes.

The Pier’s in-house property maintenance team are busy on a number of
projects around the 6.5 acre site.

This includes the on-going strengthening of the 3,000 plus piles which
hold up the structure, many of which are more than 90-years-old.

Rides are being independently tested and checked over and will have
their annual inspection completed by the end of the month.

The various component parts for the new Looping Star Roller Coaster have
been arriving on site over the past week and the aim is to have that up and
running for next season.

At the same time staff and outside contractors are creating Santa’s
North Pole Experience along with his grotto, a life-size reindeer, Frosty the
Snowman, animatronic characters, and festive decorations ready for re-opening.

Director Billy Ball said it was a severe blow to go into a second lockdown,
but life goes on.

“As a business we are closed to the public, but we need to make the most
of that down time to get on with the winter jobs,” he said.

“Unfortunately, some of that work – such as maintaining the piles under
the Pier – was neglected for many years by previous owners. We are being
proactive and have an on-going programme to ensure this is now being taken care

“There are numerous other maintenance projects, along with our preparations
for a magical Christmas experience, which would have normally taken place while
we were still open.

“This year we have this four week period when we can purely concentrate
on these tasks and we have to make the most of the closure.”

Mr Ball added that he hopes the lockdown will end on December 2 as

“Any further closure would be hard to swallow and we are looking forward
to families being able to celebrate Christmas with us in a safe environment
with all the necessary Covid measures in place,” he said.


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