Work continues on Pier

  • 15 February, 2021
  • On the pier


Bosses at Clacton Pier are pressing ahead with significant projects
ready for the re-opening of the landmark attraction.

Improvements are being carried out in Discovery Bay to provide more
family booths in the soft play area; repair work is continuing following the
storm damage last February and progress is being made on putting up the new
Looping Star roller coaster.

The Pier’s own property services team have been joined by outside
contractors to keep the vital schemes moving forward during the current

Director Billy Ball said that there has been a renewed air of optimism
over the past few days with the Government achieving its targets with its
vaccination programme.

“It has been pretty grim since we closed down on Christmas Eve and dark
days for all those involved in the tourism and hospitality sector,” he said.

“However, we have continued to work hard behind the scenes, and we are
looking forward to the Prime Minister revealing his roadmap for coming out of
lockdown next week.

“Easter is the traditional beginning of our main season and although it
looks as though we will miss that date, we hope to be back in operation as soon
as possible after that.

“We do feel things are moving in the right direction. We understand why
there has been a third lockdown for the greater good of all, but we are now
looking ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Mr Ball added that the business must be ready to make the most of the time
when it can get back up and running.

“While most staff are furloughed, we have pressed on with the remedial
work that was necessary after the storm damage a year ago.

“The team has also been working on preparations for the installation of
the exciting new Looping Star ride which will be open this summer.

“And we have contractors in Discovery Bay expanding the number of individual
seating booths so that families can stay in their own groups and a safer
environment once we reopen.

“This is not a time to standstill as it looks as though more people will
be taking holidays at home this year than ever before. We have to be ready to
meet their demands.”

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