Celebrate Oktoberfest at Pier

  • 3 September, 2023
  • On the pier


plans are being drawn up for a new event to be staged at Clacton Pier starting
later this month.

will be held over two consecutive weekends and there will be plenty of food,
beer, fun and free live music to enjoy.

event takes place on September 23 and September 24 and then the following
weekend of September 30 and October 1.

the activity will be centred around a marquee, put up outside the Boardwalk Bar
and Grill  at the front of the attraction,
with long tables and benches inside.

special swing grill will be used to cook the food and extra beer stations brought

bands will perform on a stage and there will be a distinct German flavour to the

recently reopened Waltzer is to be renamed “Wunderbar Waltzer” for the two
weeks with themed music and announcements.

director Billy Ball said that he hopes Oktoberfest will really take off and
become a regular fixture on the attraction’s annual programme.

have never staged it before but it is something we have looked at in the past
and we believe it will prove a hit,” he said.

ready to dust off your lederhosen, fill up your steins, munch on a Bratwurst
and have lots of fun.

will be a whole range of themed foods and drinks on offer and six hours of free
live music a day over the course of these two action-packed weekends.”

music and song will be provided by Oompah bands, Ein Kline Oompah and Papa
Schnitzel and regular duo Tail Feathers will also be performing in between to
keep the entertainment going right through from 1pm to 7pm.

are no tickets to book or pay for – just turn up and grab a table with friends
and family and enjoy the festivities.

will be available on a first come, first served basis and the only cost is
whatever you eat and drink,” added Mr Ball.

will encompass the full Hofbrauhaus atmosphere and plenty of audience
participation so make sure you don’t miss out.”

hails from Bavaria and the event is more than 200 years old.


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