Dive team at work

  • 30 November, 2020
  • On the pier


A dive team spent a full day beneath Clacton Pier checking out the condition
of the landmark’s underwater structures.

Red7Diving from Norfolk were brought in for the annual exercise to look
over the concrete and steel reinforced pilings.

The aim is to prepare a report for the Pier’s structural engineering
consultants and help identify any areas that may need to be addressed.

Matt Hugo, from Red7Diving, said it was the team’s first visit to

“We have been to other piers and work on general inspection and
construction projects around the country,” he added.

“The divers have cameras and can relay the footage up to our vehicle
where it is recorded as part of the report. They are looking for marine growth,
spalling of the piles and checking everything is in good order.”

Pier director Billy Ball said the dive is an important part of the
maintenance programme for the attraction.

“With parts of the piling 150-years old it is essential that this work
is undertaken annually and that we gather a picture of what’s going on

“The practical side of the surveying went well and nothing untoward was
found. We are now just waiting for the final report to come through.”

The Pier’s Discovery Bay soft play has undergone a thorough deep clean
and will open again to the public after lockdown on Wednesday (December 2). Angling
from the end of the attraction will resume on the same day.

At the weekend The North Pole Experience, including Santa’s grotto, will
open and it will also be the first day of the Christmas Cracker offer. Full
details and booking can be found on the Pier’s website, www.clactonpier.co.uk

Mr Ball said Covid measures are in place and government regulations are
being adhered to.


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