Fears for industry

  • 21 June, 2020
  • On the pier


owners of Clacton Pier today voiced their fears for the future of Tendring’s
leisure and tourist industry – unless the Government allows businesses to
reopen very soon.

major national attractions have recently closed, and the worry is that it could
be a similar story in the district if there is not an urgent and well
considered change in policy.

Pier is currently holding its own – thanks to loans and staff being furloughed under
the Government’s job retention scheme.

like many other attractions and leisure businesses across Tendring, the clock
is ticking and that support will not last indefinelty.

Billy Ball said the longer the uncertainty remains with regard to what a likely
re-opening date will be, the more damage will be done – and for some it will be

is worth more than £1million a day to our district,” he said. “For us to continue
to be a destination of choice we need to have the pulling power to bring people

our overall offering diminishes it will be harder to attract visitors who want
to have a full and extensive range of attractions and things to do for the

with our trade association BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers
and Attractions) we are becoming increasingly concerned about the national and
local impact of remaining closed due to the pandemic.”

the oldest mainland theme park in the UK, has shut its doors along with Living
Coasts in Torquay.

are heavily established players in our business, and it is a very sad day to
see them go under,” added Mr Ball.

have the risk assesments and measures in place to allow a well managed and safe
re-opening to take place and so are pleading with the Government to allow our
sector to open back up and save businesses and jobs.”

Ball added many of these companies are long-standing, employ local people, and
are based in destinations which play a key role in providing family days out
and holidays.

many more will close over the coming weeks and months and cause even more
damage to the economy – both national and local,” he said.

is a particularly frustrating time because the private and public sector have
worked so hard together in recent years to revitalize the visitor industry in

Government has done a good job up until now providing various support packages and
schemes for both business and individuals. However we can’t waste the benefit
brought by this support by strangling the economy.

current stance will already set us back years and it could be terminal if there
is no light any time soon.

must always remember that it is taxes from business that has paid for the NHS
to help us fight this battle. So starving business will eventually starve the
very organisaton that has saved us.”



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