History made at Pier

  • 10 August, 2020
  • On the pier


attractions are to remain open all year round at Clacton Pier for the first
time in its 149- year history.

are to trial the move this winter to see if it is viable and the initiative
will be kept under review.

will mean that the outdoor rides will remain in operation every single weekend
and in all school holidays – weather permitting.

Billy Ball said it is something that has been in the pipeline for some time.

have been thinking about the idea over the past couple of seasons and we feel
now is the right time to give it a go,” he said.

would normally close the rides after our November fireworks extravaganza and not
open any of them up again until February half term.

that we have moved to an all year round business with other attractions open
364 days a year, we feel that we can include the rides at weekends and school

Ball added that like all other times of the year the Pier will reserve the
right to close them down at any time if the weather conditions are no safe.

safety of customers and staff must always remain our top priority and problems can
occur when there are strong winds or heavy rain,” he said.

we often enjoy some great sunny days in the winter, and it is just something
else that we can add to our improving offer.

is all about providing as much as we possibly can for 52 weeks of fun for
residents and visitors alike.

we do not have many people holidaying in the area during the winter, a lot of
people come down to visit family – especially over Christmas and New Year – and
may enjoy the chance to go on the rides at a time when it is less busy.”

are around 15 outdoor rides operating on the Pier at any one time, along with
all the indoor attractions.

new White Water Log Flume is due to come on line later this month and the
Looping Star Roller Coaster is due to be added for next season, provided
repairs to the ride deck can be carried out in time.


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